Rape Crisis Scotland

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Rape Crisis Centres have been supporting survivors of sexual violence across the Scotland since 1976. Rape Crisis Scotland, the national body, was established in 2003. We provide services, and campaign on, all aspects of sexual violence, including rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

We work to increase public awareness of the reality of sexual violence, and improve the services available to survivors. We run a national helpline for anyone affected by sexual violence, no matter when or how it happened. The helpline is open every evening, from 6pm-midnight, on Freephone 08088 01 03 02.

We work in partnerships with lots of different agencies, including criminal justice agencies, to improve the response survivors of sexual violence receive when they speak out about their experiences.


We run a prevention programme in schools across Scotland, working with young people on issues around consent and healthy relationships. An independent evaluation of the programme found that the project increased knowledge about what the law says sexual violence is, that it changed attitudes significantly and that the overwhelming majority of young people (94%) thought it was important that they had education on these issues.

Advocacy for survivors

Since early 2016, we have coordinated a National Advocacy Project, with dedicated Support & Advocacy Workers based in rape crisis centres across Scotland, to support people who have reported or are considering reporting through the criminal justice process. A recent independent evaluation of the project found that survivors experienced the service provided by the project as “life changing”.


We have run a number of public awareness campaigns, aimed at raising awareness of the reality of rape, and challenging attitudes which blame survivors for sexual violence. Our most recent campaign – #ijustfroze – aimed to inform people of reactions to rape, specifically that freezing is a common response to trauma. Our next campaign will be on sexual harassment – watch this space…

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