Phase Two Priorities

Phase Two NACWG was officially launched on 31 March 2022.

Phase Two NACWG will focus on the outputs of Phase One – the package of recommendations.

We will undertake three annual cycles to scrutinise NACWG recommendation implementation.

At the end of each annual cycle we will report to the First Minister.

The NACWG retains the ability to make additional recommendations and consider any other relevant issues that it considers necessary.

The role of the NACWG is advisory – it is not a decision-making or policy-setting group. It has no statutory powers. However, it will focus on evidence, expertise and influence to generate change.

  • At the heart of our model is scrutiny – what we are calling the accountability process – and supporting this will be a participation panel of women focused on the lived experience of marginalised women and girls.
  • Our public engagement will continue and be aligned to our core strategy.
  • The Circle will be encouraged to take inspiration from the package of recommendations that they helped to develop and make change in their organisations and networks. We will be inviting the Circle to share the progress that is being made, so that we can showcase good practice.
  • We will evaluate our model and integrate continuous improvement.

See the NACWG Phase Two Work Plan and Terms of Reference for more detail.

You can access meeting minutes here: