Our Recommendations

Following on from providing leadership, new measures need to be in place to ensure that we develop a gender-competent Scotland, where key services are fit for purpose and deliver equal high-quality provision that realises the potential, regardless of gender, of every citizen. Scotland needs to start with the changes to the infrastructure that are required to raise standards, expectations and behaviour, championing this change and putting in place checks to ensure that these high standards are maintained.

  • Scrutiny of gender competent policy-making:

    – We recommend Scottish Ministers deliver an Annual Statement, followed by a debate, on Gender Policy Coherence to the Scottish Parliament.

  • Create a resourced media body in Scotland to hold the media to account and provide guidance on gender equality.

  • Improve access to justice for women and girls experiencing men’s violence by:

    – Creating a world-leading process for complainers of sexual violence.

    – Criminalise serious misogynistic harassment, filling gaps in existing laws.

    – Create a consistent and inclusive model to ensure that women experiencing domestic abuse have sufficient access to expert legal advice and legal aid.


Gender inequality is an enduring issue because structures perpetuate it. The Scottish Government; public and third sectors and business need to lead by example and take steps to restructure Scotland to be gender competent to see the desired changes we seek. This is complex and goes beyond training to ensure a gender competent workforce.

creating conditions

We need to ensure that girls and women are supported to participate fully in all decisions affecting their lives, in all personal, educational and professional opportunities that come their way and in the realisation of their rights – especially those who are the most vulnerable.