Cricket Scotland – The Wee Bash

Case study

The Wee Bash is a series of friendly indoor cricket tournaments for female participants, played over the winter months. The name suggests a smaller, Scottish version of the well-known Big Bash League and higely successful Women’s Big Bash League in Australia. Tournaments are played at central venues, every three or four weeks. Most clubs offer female soft ball cricket training sessions in the weeks between.

The Wee Bash provides a fun, social, safe version of cricket for females of all ages and abilities. Cricket Scotland’s increased investment in female cricket has resulted in the development of a number of new entry level programmes for women and girls designed to increase participation and help clubs provide a welcoming and inclusive environment and in doing so, also attract more families and volunteers and sponsors.

Cricket is traditionally known as a summer sport, but the enthusiasm of the wider female cricket community for playing opportunities in the winter, was quite overwhelming. The main reason indicated by participants being “looking forward to seeing everyone again and catching up”, which highlights the social aspect.

The Wee Bash tournaments are played with a soft ball in an indoor environment, ensuring that women and girls of all ages and all abilities can comfortably play together. There is no endless chasing of a ball if a Scotland International is batting and the softness of the ball means that a hard-hit ball bounces gently off the wall of a sports hall, so a younger or novice player can comfortably catch it, without the fear of hurting herself.

The Wee Bash is a great way for women and girls to play cricket. There are no complicated rules, no dress code, no hard ball, no protective equipment – just enjoy the game or learn to play!

Contact Nic Wilson, Cricket Scotland’s Female Participation Manager to find a club near you.