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Inclusive Value is an online resource for the construction industry to support gender equality and inclusion in the workplace. Developed in partnership between Equate Scotland, City of Glasgow College, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and Sir Robert McAlpine, Inclusive Value is a digital tool that assists employers in the UK construction sector work towards creating a more inclusive workplace culture.

The tool is accompanied by an Industry Guide that employers can use to support diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The construction industry is vital to the functioning and design of our everyday lives, from where we live, to where we work and how we travel. Yet, despite women making up more than half of the UK population they make up less than 15% of the UK construction industry. According to the Construction Trade Union, GMB, it will take almost 200 years to achieve gender equality in the construction industry. In Scotland, women make up less than 2% of Modern Apprentices in construction roles, indicating that it remains a challenge for the industry to attract women into the sector.

But, if we are to meet complex infrastructure challenges related to climate change, population growth and technological transformation, the sector needs to take steps towards recruiting, training and retaining a diverse workforce, particularly at a time when we are experiencing a growing skills gap, aging workforce and uncertainty around Brexit and now COVID 19.

While we find that the industry is open to recruiting and supporting the career development of women and other underrepresented groups, employers are not always confident in knowing what actions to take to move the dial on gender equality.

The Inclusive Value tool is designed to provide employers and training providers with guidance on practical changes they can make to create an inclusive workplace culture offering advice on flexible working, recruitment and pay and reward. So far we have supported over 50 employers across Scotland make positive changes through the Inclusive Value Toolkit.

The Inclusive Value Tool is free to all construction companies and training providers and can be used to identify where equality and diversity efforts should be focused. However, it is important to remember that equality does not come about through a single intervention nor is it the responsibility of one individual to drive forward. To be effective and to see tangible impact, equality, diversity and inclusion must be embedded within an organisations culture.

If your organisation would like to discuss how the Inclusive Value Tool or Equate Scotland can support equality and inclusion in your organisation please email

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